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December 3, 2012


Attn: Mr.Scott Held,

My wife and I would like to thank the staff at Sherwood Park Dodge for their time and efforts in assisting us in our recent purchase. In particular, Rebekah Letkeman.

Her professionalism, knowledge, assistance and kind patience went a VERY long way, in completing a purchase which quite likely may not have occurred. She is a credit to your organization.

Regards, Terry Yaggey & Dani Remier Yaggey


From: Nicole Whitaker
Date: 9 May, 2012 8:10:19 AM MDT
To: Customer Service
Cc: 'Brad McDonald'
Subject: Thanks Again!

Good morning,I just wanted to give a BIG thank you to Brad McDonald and the rest of the staff at Sherwood Park Dodge. My husband, Andrew, and I just picked up our new 2012 Ram 1500 Sport last night – and we couldn’t be happier with the experience and the service we received.

We started looking for a new vehicle a couple months ago, and knew we wanted to get a truck. We test drove a few different makes, but as soon as Andrew drove the Ram he knew that was the truck for him. We initially drove the truck at another Dodge dealership in Edmonton, and were very unhappy with the service we received at that dealership. We had made it clear from the beginning that we were still only looking, but were really pressured to buy the day we test drove, and the following day with the “I can make you a deal but it’s only good for today” pitch. That was not the experience we wanted to have at all.

A colleague of my husband’s suggested we go to Sherwood Park Dodge, and recommended Brad McDonald as someone to go and see. As soon as we got to Sherwood Park Dodge and met Brad, we knew this was the experience we were looking for. Brad was honest with us, showed us exactly what we wanted to see, and didn’t try to “sell” us on anything. When it was clear that the exact truck that my husband wanted wasn’t on the lot, instead of pressuring us to take something else, Brad suggested we order from the factory – that way we could have everything we want and nothing that we don’t. He took his time and went through line by line of all the features and explained the benefits of including some things and not including others.

I know this is going to sound corny, but I felt “safe” working with Brad – I knew he wasn’t trying to rip us off, or sell us something we didn’t want. Brad was great answering all my questions while we waited for the truck to come in.

The truck arrived yesterday (way earlier than expected, which was another bonus), and we came out after work to pick it up. Brad was super busy, but never made us feel like we were in the way or wasting time. We took the truck for a quick spin, and waited to sign the paperwork. We worked with Jason Hill, who was really great as well. The actual signing of the paperwork was so painless – Jason had everything ready, went through the details with us carefully, and was super friendly. We left the dealership feeling so happy with our purchase and very grateful for the service we received.

From the first minute we stepped into Sherwood Park Dodge, everyone made us feel welcome. From the receptionists to the various staff asking if we were looked after or if we needed anything, the whole experience at your dealership was exactly what we were hoping for. I will DEFINITELY recommend Sherwood Park Dodge to anyone I know that is looking for a vehicle, and can’t wait to come back and get something new for me – now that Andrew has his new truck!

Thanks again,


Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 2:19 PM
To: Customer Service
Name:    Jenni Miller
Subject: Purchasing a new vehicle.

I recently was out looking to purchase a new vehicle up here in Fort McMurray. I found a jeep that I thought would suit me but decided to look around for anything that could offer a better deal. I contacted a few dealerships in Edmonton and I have to say, I'm happy Sherwood Dodge contacted me. Firstly, getting a reply so quick was awesome and secondly, the help was amazing. Brad McDonald helped me through this whole process which a lot of people would agree is stressful. He worked around my schedule, contacted me personally and was very enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable. I could contact him anytime and always reach him or he would get right back to me even if he wasn't in the office. Holy shit, talk about customer service. (Excuse the language) He was so great that the next time I stop down in Edmonton I'll have to visit the dealership to see him. Rebekah was also very friendly and helped the financing to the point where even I had no questions because everything was clearly laid out. Not to mention Bob, he delivered the car and I would have to say gave Brad a run for his money for how friendly he was. I am now a firm believer in stem cell research so we can clone a few more of these people to make it this good of an experience for everybody. Sorry this ran on so long!

PS. Love the jeep


 From: Lee Langlois  
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 10:53 AM
To: Scott Held
Cc: Ken Crockett
Subject: Customer service


At 52 years of age I have never been sufficiently impressed to warrant  doing this before, but I just wanted to take a minute to comment on  the excellent quality of service that my wife and I have received from your staff in the service department.

Over the years we had purchased 4 new vehicles from Crosstown from  Dale Sauer, (who is now with SP Dodge). I purchased my Dodge truck prior   to Sherwood Park Dodge's opening.My wife purchased her Jeep Cherokee from Crosstown (post SP dodge opening) because we had such an excellent experience with Dale.

Since the opening of SP Dodge in our community,and because of convenience  we decided to have had all our service done with yourselves. I have had appointments with Chuck Albers and remarked to my wife,of the excellent service on all occasions.She informed me that  she has only dealt with Marvin Kachuk,originally by coincidence and later intentionally, as she has always left the shop satisfied that her vehicle's issues were addressed.

On my 2nd last, and most recent visit to your service department, I had both appointments with Marvin and my vehicle posed a few out of the ordinary challenges. I was extremely pleased with his open dialogue, attention to detail,the level of service that was delivered, and his commitment to meet schedule, and now I understand why my wife speaks so highly of him.

I work for a major engineering and construction firm as Director of Latin America, and as an engineer I am very focused on detail and my  time at home with my family is critically managed, so schedule is everything.Having said that I can be a very harsh critic when things go wrong.

We have never been disappointed in dealing with your service staff,including the shuttle drivers and every time it has been a pleasant experience.

The success of any business is because of its people, and you and your senior management should be commended because you understand it and have surrounded yourselves with excellent, dedicated people who truly  understand customer service.


Karen & Lee Langlois



From: Boyd Sharpe
Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2011 6:42 PM
To: Scott Held
Cc: Colette Staples
Subject: My New 300C
Hi Scott,
My name is Boyd Sharpe and I just took delivery on a brand new black 2011 Chrysler 300c AWD c/w a HEMI. So far, it’s been a real blast. I was looking for a car that was a crossover between my Jetta GLI and my Mercedes S 430, both of which I traded in on the 300c. I think I got the right car. It’s luxurious but it’s got the power and punch that I like in a car.
I also want to take a moment to mention the efforts of Colette Staples who did a great job of helping to find and secure the car for me. She was right on the ball and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with her concern, efforts and professionalism. I will be looking for a new Jeep in the fall and I am definitely considering Colette and Sherwood Park Dodge when the time comes. I did shop around a little in this process and you folks, by far, came out on  top.
Thanks again for a positive shopping and buying experience.
Best Regards,
Boyd Sharpe 


From: Darrel Robertson
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2011 8:43 AM
To: Scott Held
Subject: Customer Assistance
Good Morning,
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the assistance from Keith Bedard.  I had a fairly negative experience at [dealer name omitted] last winter.  I was led to believe the towing capacity of an F150 Lariat would handle the work I needed the truck to do.  When I went back to [dealer name omitted]  they were willing to help…but were, in my opinion, trying to gouge me once again.  Keith looked for options for me, and I decided to purchase a 2wd Larime diesel.  Although vehicles are a lot of money, I feel the deal that Keith arrange was a fair one.  I work in HR, and it is always a pleasure to find people who truly enjoy what they do.  That was my experience at Sherwood Dodge.  My son will be driving in a couple of years…I will be back.  Keep up the good work.
Best Regards,
Darrel Robertson


From: Diane
To: Scott Held
Cc: Diane
Sent: Monday, May 09, 2011 12:49 PM
Subject: purchasing a new vehicle

Hi Sheldon,

Just wanted to let you know that we have had a good experience with your dealership and your staff. My husband and I were very impressed with your dealership and your sales staff.

We are extremely happy to say that Willie Cudmore was exceptional with the sale of our vehicle. He responded to our emails promptly ( We are from Fort McMurray) and we did not have to wait long to get what we wanted. He took his time showing us the special features of the car. It wasn't like here you go, here is the car and off you go. He was super. He made it a good experience.

Overall, we had a good experience with Willie and your dealership and look forward to dealing with you in the future.


Keith & Diane Saunders


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