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New Vehicle Main Image Dodge Ram 4500 / 5500
Dodge Ram 4500 / 5500
Dodge Ram 4500 / 5500
Dodge Ram 4500 / 5500
Dodge Ram 4500 / 5500

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Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500
Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Robust Big Rig Styling

Unmistakable bold design with massive crosshair grille, large headlamps, and distinctive trademark "Ram Tough" look.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Available ST Decor Group

The available ST Decor Group includes a chrome front bumper and chrome grille surround with black billet inserts, enhancing the bold Ram styling.
Available on ST models only.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Upfit-Friendly electric System

Two fused battery circuits and one ignition circuit routed into the cab and rear of the chassis, as well as a high-current 50-amp ground stud located in the rear of the frame offer upfitters easier, more convenient installation of electrical components, wiring and systems.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Two Cab-Axle Lengths

1530 mm (60 inch) and 2139 mm (84 inch) available cab-axle lengths on Quad Cab® provide upfitter flexibility.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Upfit-Friendly Design

Job rated to meet the higher performance standards of the medium duty truck market. Eliminates expensive re-engineering of the chassis for body installations.
C-channel chassis frame provides flat, clean mouthing surface and routing for wires and hoses.
Industry-standard 864-mm (34-in.) frame rail spacing.
Fuel filler routed through frame.
Optional 83L (18.3 imp. gal.) midship fuel tank.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Articulating Side-View Mirrors

Seven-inch by ten-inch adjustable mirrors adjust by rotating the mirror head in or out, providing a greater vision range when towing an extra wide load.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 One-Piece C-Channel Rear Frame

Fuel and brake lines and wiring are routed together on left inner frame rail, providing a flat, "clean" mounting surface for upfitter flexibility and ease of installation.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Trailer Brake Controller Harness

Seven-pin trailer tow circuit pre-wired in the chassis wiring harness. Standard harness extended by about 1524-mm (60-in.). Provides easier, more convenient upfitting of trailer or box lighting.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Available Skid Plate

A transfer case skid plate made of high-strength steel is available on 4WD models and is included in the Heavy-Duty Snowplow Prep Group.
On Ram 4500 models, the standard fuel tank skid plate is used to mount the rear fuel tank to the frame on vehicles equipped with the standard 196 litre (43.3 imp. gal.).
The skid plates provide added protection and help prevent damage to the transfer case in on- and off-road applications.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Available Regular and Quad Cab® Configurations

Regular cab available in four wheelbase/cab-axle configuration 3670-mm (144.5-in.)/1530-mm (60.2-in.)/2139-mm (84.2-in.); 4889-mm (192.5-in.)/2749-mm (108.2-in.) and 5192-mm (204.5-in.)/3054-mm (120.2-in.)
Quad Cab® available in 4178-mm (168.5-in.)/1530-mm (60.2-in.) and 4787-mm (188.5-in.)/2139-mm (84.2-in.) configurations.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Heavy-Duty Snowplow Prep Group

Includes transfer case skid plate on all 4x4 models and 160-amp alternator.
Provides added protection and increased reliability in cold-weather snow removal operations.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Articulating Side-View Mirrors

4500/5500 models also feature integrated wide-view mirror.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Commercial Chassis

All chassis components are below the top of the rear frame surface, providing a flat mounting surface for upfitter flexibility and ease of assembly.
Also included are bolt-on exhaust hanger brackets, fuel-filler routed through the frame, available mid-ship fuel tank and U-bolt access along the rear frame.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Tow Hooks

Tow hooks are standard on all models.
Large tow-hook opening. (4500/5500)
Stronger hook material and steel strength than 2008 Ford and GM conventional class 4 and 5 chassis cabs. (4500/5500)

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 U-Bolt Access Every 18 Inches

Convenient U-bolt mounting locations provide added flexibility for mounting components and equipment.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Available UConnect Studios SIRIUS™ Satellite Radio

uconnect studios with SIRIUS™ Satellite Radio offers a variety of music and entertainment streams, many commercial-free. SIRIUS eliminates fading signals when driving for long distances and keeps the same streams, coast to coast, while offering digital sound quality.
Includes one year of service provided by SIRIUS.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Sound Systems

Standard AM/FM stereo with single CD player and two speakers.
AM/FM stereo radio with six-disc in-radio CD/MP3 disc changer and Infinity® premium sound system (available on SLT and Laramie).
AM/FM stereo radio with six-disc in-radio CD/MP3 disc changer, integrated DVD-based GPS Navigation System(1) with 5.8-inch display screen and seven Infinity® premium sound system (available on SLT and Laramie).
(1)Navigation system operates only in certain metropolitan areas. see your retailer for details.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 UConnect Phone Voice-Activated Hands-free Communication System

Available uconnect phone Voice-Activated Hands-Free Communication System provides communication between your personal Bluetooth™ compatible phone and the vehicle;e's onboard receiver.
Incoming voice is broadcast through the vehicle's front stereo speakers, A microphone in the interior rear-view mirror picks up occupants' voices for transmission.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Available GPS Navigation System*

Full map display is positioned in the centre of the instrument cluster. Optimal positioning minimizes the need for taking your eyes off the road.
Easy to read all day or night.
Navigation system operates only in certain metropolitan areas. See your retailer for details.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 More Interior Passenger Volume Than Ford And GM Large Extended Cab

Outstanding interior volume provides excellent passenger volume, providing increased comfort and convenience.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Dual-Zone Temperature Control

Available dual-zone temperature control allows for the setting of two separate cabin temperatures, adding to passenger comfort.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Power Sliding Rear Window

The available power sliding rear window opens fully, providing greater air flow to the rear seat area and adding to ease of operation.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Available Power Outlet

An available power outlet located in the centre armrest of the business console provides power for external electronic devices.
Included with premium features seats.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Stain Repel Fabric

This high-performance cloth seat fabric is stain-resistant, inhibits the growth of odour-producing bacteria, and eliminates static shock caused by sliding across the seats, allowing spills and even ground-in material to be cleaned up more easily.
The fabric resists soiling, staining and odours, and the treatment is integral to the fabric - it is not a coating.
Standard on SLT, available on ST.
not compatible with aftermarket fabric protecting coatings.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Seating

Large, comfortable 40/20/40-split bench front seats with manual or available six-way power driver's seat provide generous support for traveling ease.
Available 60/40-split folding rear bench seat for Quad Cab® models.
Available cloth-faced or leather-faced seating with centre console.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Storage

Ram Regular Cab models offer cab-back storage with a moulded floor tray, providing a convenient place to store toolboxes, construction materials, and other materials.
Quad Cab® models feature an available 40/60-split folding rear bench seat and 51 litres (1.8 cubic feet) of underseat storage to accommodate cargo and passengers while keeping valuables hidden.
Available business console with power outlet on select models can accommodate a laptop computer adding to storage capability.
Quad Cab models also feature an available rear fold-flat steel load floor.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Available Overhead Console

The available overhead console displays practical information such as compass heading and outside temperature, offering convenience and instant access to key information while driving.
Standard on 4500/5500 models.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Available Rear Fold-Flat Steel Floor (Quad Cab®)

The floor section under the back seat folds open to form a flat load floor, providing ample additional storage in each of the footwells.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Rear Frame Strength

Rear frame steel rated at 50,000 psi, delivering increased stiffness and strength, durability and rigidity for secure travel off-road and smooth ride on-road.

Engines & Transmissions
Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 6.7L Cummins® Turbo Diesel I-6

6.7-litre Cummins® Turbo Diesel I-6 produces 610-pound-feet of torque and 305 horsepower, providing excellent towing and hauling capacity while delivering excellent fuel economy, durability, and low cost of ownership.
Factory-installed exhaust brake integrated into the Cummins Variable Geometry Turbocharger and the engine's ECM contributing to improved driver control, reduced brake fade, longer brake life and faster cab warm-up.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Available Electric-Shift 4x4 Transfer Case

The available part-time 4WD system allows the vehicle to be shifted into four-wheel drive "on the fly" with the turn of a switch.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Choice of Transmissions

Standard six-speed heavy-duty manual transmission with Power Take Off (PTO) capability meets the most demanding hauling requirements, and features an ultra-low 6.29 first gear ratio for launch at heavy loads.
Available six-speed automatic AISIN includes Power Take-Off capability provides improved vehicle performance and drivability for heavy-duty hauling and towing.

Fuel Capacity
Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Fuel Capacity (4500/500)

196 litre (43.3 imp. gal.) standard fuel tank is larger than 2008 Ford and GM Class 4 and 5 conventional Chassis Cabs.
Available midship 83 litre (18.3 imp. gal.) fuel tank for more space behind rear axle.

Fuel Economy
Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Idle Shut-Down Feature

Shuts down engine when timer expires, dealer activated feature. (Diesel engine only.)

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Heavy-Duty Suspension

Five-link coil spring front suspension with large standard shocks. Provides excellent ride and handling with exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces.
Precision Recirculating-ball steering gear system and larger wheelcut provide surprising tight turning diameter.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Axles

Same four-wheel-drive front axle used on the 3500 series four-wheel-drive pickups delivers smooth, quiet operation with greater durability.
Above-centre mounting reduces driveshaft universal joint angles.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Tires

All sizes and brands of all-season tires and on-/off-road tires have aggressive tread patterns, providing better snow traction, off-road capability and a more rugged appearance.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Standard Engine Block Heater

Warms engine coolant with external electrical power for faster, easier starting in cold weather.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 GVWR Ratings (4500/5500)

GVWR of up to 7484 kg (16,500 lb) (4500).*
Unsurpassed GVWR of up to 8845 kg (19,500 lb) (5500).*
*When properly equipped.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Axle Ratings (4500/5500)

Front axle GAWR of 3175 kg (7,000 lb)(4500/5500).
Rear axle GAWR of 5443 kg (12,000 lb)(4500) and 6123 kg (13,500 lb)(5500).

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Commercial Grade Warranty

5-year/100,000-mile Diesel Engine Limited Warranty. Which ever comes first.
5-year/180,000-mile AISIN Automatic Transmission Limited Warranty with no deductible on covered items. Which ever comes first.

Occupant Protection
Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Next-Generation Multistage Air Bags

Inflate with a force appropriate to the severity of the impact. Helps reduce the risk of air bag-induced injuries to children and small adults.
Driver's side only air bag available on 4500/5500 ST and SLT models.
Certified to federal regulations that allows less forceful front air bags. Always use seat belts. For Regular Cab, children 12 and under should only be in the front seat with the passenger air bag switch turned off, correctly using an infant or child restraint system, or the seat belt properly positioned, dependent on the child's age and weight. For Quad Cab, children 12 and under should always be in a back seat correctly using an infant or child restraint system, or the seat belt properly positioned, dependent on the child's age and weight.

Safety Systems
Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Four-Wheel Anti-Lock Disc Brake System (ABS)

Automatically modulate brake fluid pressure during hard braking, allowing the driver to manoeuvre with greater stability and control.
4500/5500 models feature front rotors that are larger than 2008 Ford and GM conventional class 4 and 5 chassis cabs.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Available Security Alarm

Monitors the doors and ignition and emits audible/visual alerts when unauthorized operation is detected, providing additional security and theft protection.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Sentry Key® Engine Immobilizer

Sentry Key® utilizes an electronically coded engine key that incorporates an embedded transponder with a pre-programmed security key code. When the key is inserted into the ignition, the controller sends a random number to the transponder and the engine is allowed to start.

Dodge RAM 4500 / 5500 Remote Keyless/Illuminated Entry

Controls the power door locks, offering touch-of-a-button convenience.
A panic feature sounds the horn, turns on the interior lamps and flashes the headlamps when activated, promoting a sense of safety.

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