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Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be one of the worst days of your life. At Sherwood Park Dodge Collision Center we are committed and equipped to make the next step, getting your vehicle repaired, as painless as possible. When you come to our store you will be greeted by a clean, new building lot staffed by friendly courteous people whose focus is on looking after you your car or truck both professionally courteously.

A NEW 8,000 square foot state of the art collision repair facility

The first step is to figure out just how much damage has been done what it is going to cost to repair it. This is important so you can make informed decisions about making insurance, police reports etc. We employ computer based estimating systems with digital photography to accurately assess the damage if necessary communicate that information to your insurance company

Electronic estimating systems with digital photography electronic communication.


No charge, no appointment required estimates while you wait.

After the estimate is completed approved by you and or your insurance adjuster we bring your vehicle into our state of the art collision repair shop which is equipped with the latest in high tech collision repair equipment and top flight Technicians.The advantage of our shop layout is that each bay has the equipment required to complete all of the required body frame repairs without having to move the damaged vehicle from place to place which saves time possible further damage that can be caused by moving a damaged and or disassembled vehicle.

Five "Wedge Clamp" equipped body frame repair bays.

Once our Auto Body Technicians have your machine back on it's wheels it moves across the floor to our downdraft prep station. Downdraft refers to the direction of air flow through the booth. Fresh air is brought in through the roof, filtered then heated or cooled depending on the weather then filtered again as it flows down over the vehicle in the booth and finally vacuumed down out of the booth through floor grates yet another set of filters which stop the dust, fumes etc from being released into the atmosphere. Here our prep staff sand & prime both the repaired areas and any new parts that may be needed to complete your repair in a practically dust free atmosphere. This is of course better for our staffs health but to you it also means less dust overspray in on your ride.

Two bay Global Systems downdraft prep station.

This is the part we all look forward to the spray booth. Ours is the latest in downdraft technology (see above) but is even cleaner that the prep area. It is also equipped with forced air and high temperature bake features which mimic the factory conditions so your paint job is not only clean, it is properly cured as well so that it will last weather the same as the Factory Finish.


Global Systems downdraft paint booth with Advance Cure towers.

Note: downdraft booths filter incoming air for a cleaner finish exhaust air for reduced emmissions.
Speaking of your factory finish we use the same waterbourne base coat/clearcoat paint system as most of the current manufacturers.


Dupont Cromx Pro Waterbourne paint system which produces 80% less vocs (volatile organic compounds) than solvent based systems and 90% less waste.

Of course it doesnt matter how clean it is, how long it lasts or even how environmentally friendly it is if it doesnt match the rest of the vehicle. Thats where our Chromavision system comes in. This system takes information like your serial number (VIN) your paint code (the color the manufacturer used) and a camera which adjusts for variances, age etc. and comes up with a recipe of colors or tinters as we call them that combine to produce the color that is unique to your car or truck.


Chromavision, a computer program with the Aquire camera, along with the VIN and paint code help our painter achieve a near perfect paint match every time.

These are just a few more quick notes about what sets us apart from other Body Shops.

A liquid spray mask product which reduces paper plastic use to a minimum and replaces it with an inert water soluble solution.
Convenient location adjacent to the Yellowhead Trail in Sherwood Park.
Equipment staff capable of top quality repairs on all types of collision damage on all makes models of cars light trucks.
We offer fast cycle times, in most cases we can order parts begin repairs today.

To recap: we are a brand new facility with the latest collision repair technology staffed by experienced, talented professionals. We also have the backing of one of Canadas largest Chrysler dealerships which allows us to offer customers additional perks such as free shuttle service, an in-house cafe and comfortable customer lounge. As the new kid on the block we know we have to work harder to prove ourselves .We are fully prepared to show Sherwood Park and all of Alberta just how painless collision repairs can be.

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Collision Center Manager
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